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Warehouse 13


So, I'm gonna be off LJ for the next few weeks/months as RL and my pregnancy take over. I just wanted to give a shout out to any of flisters: if you want a custom made header/layout from me, now the time to ask me! For comms or personal journals, whatev. ;)


Thank you!
I would totally love a new inception header/layout of the whole team (including Robert). I know that you've done some icons, do you have pics of them, or should I go find them?

Also, SQUEEE for the baby! :)
Will do, but I'm not sure I'll be able to find any pics with all of them plus Robert.
I think I saw some on one of the comms, I'll try to see what I can come up with- but no problemo if we can't find them. Any Inception stuff I would love!

Actually, I'm thinking about getting rid of this layout. It's your if you want it? Or do you want something else?
This one would be awesome. :)
Check this out! here!
Here are some good pics link

truthfully, anything that shows Aruthur a lot will be a-okay with me. ;D

Plus I'm a begger, so anything at all you give me will make me way happy! :)

(umm, not really yet... but still)

We will miss you. Make sure to return at some point once real life settles down :)

Sorry. =/

Hi, I didn't mean to be such a newb. It's been so long since I've posted on here and I'm trying my best to remember everything. I hope I didn't upset you too much. If you have any tips I would greatly appreciate them.
Sorry again.

Re: Sorry. =/

Oh, no problem! Everybody has trouble at the beginning.

Here's a link for 411, but an lj-cut is basically where you hide part of the text behind a link, so that the entire post doesn't show up on people's flist page. The part you <*lj-cut> (remove the *) is hidden on your main journal page and on Friends pages, but you can still see the full entry on the "Read Comments" page or when you preview your entry.

For instance, in this post, after all the fanfiction header information like Title, Author, Summary, etc... you place the <*lj-cut> (just remove the little * symbol) and it'll automatically cut the rest of the rest (your fic) and place it behind a link. ;)

Re: Sorry. =/

Thanks! Yeah, I figured that out after many frustrated sighs and hair pulling, lol. I'm pretty sure I fixed it now, at least it looks fixed on the page. I was wondering though, how come you can't post your fiction on your own journal page as well as the community page you want to post it under? Do you have to post it twice or something?
I'll check that 411 link out, thank you so much. :D