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Stonehenge Apocalypse

1.) Wow, was Torri's character here a lot like Elizabeth Weir.
2.) Torri's accent threw me. A lot.
3.) I ship Misha's character with Torri's character, right around the time he hands her a ring, jokes about proposing, and then says she validated his work and his life. Whoa.
4.) Man, that was a bad movie. Yet I want fic out of it.
5.) The acting was... um, well, yeah. Not top form. But I still love Torri and Misha the most.


What's the accent?
Oh no!
Yeah, it was supposed to be English... I think.
Damn. That sucks.
She was still pretty, though! And totally the number one reason to continue watching this godawful movie, along with Misha.
I think Peter Wingfield was good in it as well. When he stopped being a complete ass and finally tried to do some good.
*facepalm* I don't care how crappy that plot is [hey, I actually enjoyed Jungleground and Airborne, can it really be worse than those?]- character like Elizabeth plus ship? *WANTS SO BAD*

IS there fic...? *googles* Meh, the one thing I found was a slash fic. *sighs*

Yes, this is how malleable I am- I would actually go read fic for a movie I haven't even seen, lol. I'm the type of person that buys three seasons of a show on dvd just because I was bored and a f-lister said it had an awesome ship. [Thank god it panned out, otherwise I'd've been so miffed at spending all that money, lol, but it was all three or nothing, so... *shrugs*]
Thank you! Of course anything by IR is awesome, lol, that is one of the universal constants!

I am a little saddened that the dude apparently dies at the end of the movie, though. *pouts* Still, at least I have fic to make me feel better after I've seen it!