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Torri Higginson and Misha Collins star in what is assuredly going to be a hilariously bad made-for-tv-movie, Stonehenge Apocalypse. But you could not tear me away from the TV tonight if my life depended on it. Man, I have missed seeing Torri on my tv. Y'all should totally spread the word and post up reminders for people on your flist.

Tonight: SyFy - Stonehenge. Watch it!



I am way more excited than I probably should be...
It's times like these that I MISS MY DVR!!! :(

**hopes for repeat showings**
Wait, what? I love terribly cheesy movies when they start someone I fangirl, lol. This sounds like it would be right up my alley. Don't suppose you know where I might be able to get it from...? I've missed Torri so! >_<


There was even fic written for this movie! Ha!
Thanks so much for the linkie! I have it waiting my attention on my laptop now- I'm saving it for later when I can truly savor the cheestasticness of it all. *bounceflail* It's gonna be entertaining as hell, I just know it!