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I'm on a horse!

*gratuitous icon post*


Also, I'm looking for a new show to watch, and am debating over the following options. Justified, In Plain Sight, The Good Wife, Lie to Me or Glee. Votes?


Yeah, I was heavily inclined to watch that one, but it's a cowboy thing, and that's not normally my tastes. (Unless you count wildwest_lantis?)
DUDE!! JUSTIFIED!!!! (And not Glee. Eesh.)

In Plain Sight is also made of win. BUT JUSTIFIED!
*SHOCKED* You picked Justified? REALLY? ;)

Not Glee, huh? A majority of my flist can't stop squeeing about it. What's wrong with it, if you mind me asking?
Well I was *going* to pick Lie To Me but this newest season has me kind of on the fence about recommending it to other people. Will get back to you after a few weeks if you're still looking for something.

In the meantime, I will definitely rec JUSTIFIED. I just think that it's fantastic :)
The new season? Didn't it just start up like last week? (Or was that a mid-season break? Because, damn, that was a long break.)

Justified! Okay, that's three votes! I think we have a winner!
In Plain Sight!

It has a great balance of heart and snark. I love the main character. Her family is kinda broken, but they're working on it. Marshal Marshall Mann is dry and sarcastic and awesome and they have this really entertaining banter.
Is it me, or is the main guy a little... dorky-looking. I feel shallow saying that. I suppose he's an awesome actor?
OMG, THE GOOD WIFE. It is so good and I hardly every talk about it, but this show is just awesome. I haven't really watched IPS since the s1, but I liked it enough and I mean to catch up with it, but you know other shows. Also, Justified is really good, the characters are great, plus Timothy Olyphant is super sexy. I don't watch Lie To Me, and Glee is, well, crack tv, but mostly crack. By now I'm just addicted and I'm not sure if it's a good thing.
I've heard such awesome things about The Good Wife. It's not even my normal type of show, but anybody that's ever watched it can't stop praising it.
It's not my normal type of show either, but I ended up watching it on the plane ride back from the States in April and it blew my mind. I hated they only had one episode because I wanted to marathon it all. (Also, seriously awesome women in it.)
Oh, "In Plain Sight" It's a really fun show and the characters are just great in it; complex and intriguing. *grin*
Complex! Nice!