*pops in*

So, um, hi.

I realize I've been pretty much dead in the land of LJ for the last seven months or so, but I am alive! I have completely dropped off fandom's radar, but I think I'll try reemerging. We'll see how it goes. I have completely lost touch with all of you. How've you been? Awesome, I hope? TELL ME ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE WORLD OF YOU!

1. Community - I see the Jeff/Annie fans can still being annoying. *rolls eyes*
2. Fringe - I don't know about anyone else, but I am loving the developements on the show. What can I say? I love me some angst, and wow, how is Olivia Dunham too awesome than any one human being has the right to be?
3. Justified - hot dayam, that man is hot. I have other opinions on the awesomeness of the writing and acting and characterization, but mostly, my thoughts on this show revolve around the steaminess of Timothy Olyphant.
4. TVD - I have stopped watching this show, but I will catch up if people tell me it is awesome. Plus, I'm fairly sure I made some sort of pact with peanutbutterer to convert irony_rocks to the Damon/Elena ship. I need to know current events if this is to happen!

And that's pretty much all I'm watching these days, unless people have suggestions?

Merlin help

I need to finish up my help_pakistan fic, which is Morgana/Arthur. Thankfully it's AU, so I don't have to worry about the fact that I haven't watched an ep in nearly a year. But I need some help.

Does Morgana's mother have a name? Also, Morgause is a half sister of Morgana on her mother's side?

*flexes fingers*

help_pakistan: A fandom auction set up to help Pakistan recover from the 2010 floods. Inspired by the help_haiti auction, we're here to spread awareness and help, and show once again that fandom is downright amazing at this.

Please, spread the word. Donate. Contribute. Bid.

I have offered my fic services. 1K-5K, $5 starting bid.

My previous fics are here.

Now excuse me while I go pimp out this comm like a really hard-working pimp!
Warehouse 13


So, I'm gonna be off LJ for the next few weeks/months as RL and my pregnancy take over. I just wanted to give a shout out to any of flisters: if you want a custom made header/layout from me, now the time to ask me! For comms or personal journals, whatev. ;)