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*pops in*

So, um, hi.

I realize I've been pretty much dead in the land of LJ for the last seven months or so, but I am alive! I have completely dropped off fandom's radar, but I think I'll try reemerging. We'll see how it goes. I have completely lost touch with all of you. How've you been? Awesome, I hope? TELL ME ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE WORLD OF YOU!

1. Community - I see the Jeff/Annie fans can still being annoying. *rolls eyes*
2. Fringe - I don't know about anyone else, but I am loving the developements on the show. What can I say? I love me some angst, and wow, how is Olivia Dunham too awesome than any one human being has the right to be?
3. Justified - hot dayam, that man is hot. I have other opinions on the awesomeness of the writing and acting and characterization, but mostly, my thoughts on this show revolve around the steaminess of Timothy Olyphant.
4. TVD - I have stopped watching this show, but I will catch up if people tell me it is awesome. Plus, I'm fairly sure I made some sort of pact with peanutbutterer to convert irony_rocks to the Damon/Elena ship. I need to know current events if this is to happen!

And that's pretty much all I'm watching these days, unless people have suggestions?



"The Good Wife", for it is a fantastic lawyer show with really amazing behind the scenes stuff, and fabulous writing and the woman who reminds people of IR. Kalinda is so the IR of TV.

in oparu!verse, Star Trek got all femslashy, I am suddenly awesome at university and I need to pick a continent to live on.
I also love being slowly gutted by Fringe. Olivia Dunham is all sorts of amazing.
The Good Wife", for it is a fantastic lawyer show with really amazing behind the scenes stuff, and fabulous writing and the woman who reminds people of IR. Kalinda is so the IR of TV.

I am here simply to laugh hysterically and use this icon that was MADE SPEFICALLY FOR ME.
Ohh, I've heard of The Good Wife, but never watched. Lawyer shows aren't my thing, but I shall try it if it has awesome IR-like people!

And you? Suddenly awesome? That implies you weren't always awesome, and that I refuse to believe.
I'm not sure how much lawyering there is. I think it's more about a woman being awesome, and her friend, who's also awesome, her kids, her jerk husband (who's still a very grey character and fascinating). Her boss is also a woman and incredible. I really admire it for the well thought out, amazing, rounded, female characters.

awww, thanks!! I was okay (gradewise) last year. I got 50s and 60s (in the British system a 50 is pass, so it's like a C). Now I'm getting 78s and 75s, which are pretty much as good as you can get here (70 is amazing and 80 is hypothetically ungettable) so now I'm officially recognised as awesome.
You are so predictable. I knew you were going to use that icon.

1. Good show. Stay away from fandom!

2. I like them too. Mostly. I think. I am a Peter/Alt!Livia shipper though, so, take that as you will. The only times I saw chemistry between Peter and Oliva were when it was the more dynamic Olivia (Alt). I find that the original verse characters are both very reserved and there just... isn't a lot going on between them. But kudos to Anna's acting ability because she plays the same person but manages to add a totally different layer and it's that layer that I think Peter and Olivia connect beautifully on.

Also, I think there's got to be someone better for Olivia. I am hoping for a new Peter. One with emotion and spark! She is such a tortured hero and deserves someone fabulous. I am not sold that this Peter is that someone.

3. YES.

4. Yeah, I watch it because it is entertaining and it is the only show I can actually get Mr. PB to sit in front of the television for. I am not interested in fandom at all. (Except, of course, too cheer for Damon/Elena just because it is the One True Pairing and all others *coughIRcough* are obviously wrong and should change their opinions.)

Welcome back! *clings*
2. I kinda agree with you there. Alt!Olivia does have more chemistry with Peter than our Olivia. I just want Olivia/Peter because Olivia deserves some happiness, and if Peter is that, then okay. But chemistry wise? You're right, it's damn amazing that Anna's acting chops on creating chemistry with one character, and having it more reserved with another.

4. Mr. PB watches this? That's kinda awesome. :P (I ignore the rest of your statement.)
Ha. He does. He was doing work or something one night and I was watching it in the same room. It was distracting him and then he kept asking me questions. "Which one is a vampire?" "But I thought her mom was dead." "Wait, there's another one!?"

I tried my best to answer them and then they just lead to more questions and eventually I'd told him all of S1 (that I could remember - this show is so plotty I can't keep track) and now he just needs to know what happens next.
LOL. Awesome. Has s2 been as good as s1?
It's been better!

OH! And Cougar Town is really good too. It's like Friends meets Scrubs.
how is Olivia Dunham too awesome than any one human being has the right to be?

Obviously this is why there are two of her, because she is too awesome to be contained in only one person. *nods*

WB, btw! (OMG, I just did an entire sentence in netspeak. Somewhere, a college English prof died a little.)
So good to see you again, bb :D How's the wee one doing?

And don't worry about the fandoms. You have Justified covered and that's the most important one at the moment.
*tackle hugs*


I'm so happy to see you! I also love the Damon/Elena ship- but alas have not been keeping up with TVD. :(


I'm so happy to see you!
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