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5 Inception Premiere icons

And check it, my new header: ed_84 ed_84 ed_84!





I LOVED these pictures. Great icons. I may snag one later! :]
Damn. Gorgeous.
I know, right? I had to change my layout to match it. I am still gonna alter the layout style, but I like the header because LOOK at that smile! *swoons*
ooooooooo pretty artistic header is classy and old world hollywoody
it is, isn't it? They're just so dang pretty.
Oh oh! Have you seen it? Is it good? 'coz it comes out here this week in time for my birthday and I'm thinking of seeing it on the weekend...but I haven't read any reviews for it, so...

Also, it should be noted that a hefty portion of my desire to see this movie is due to Ellen Page. *adores* I like #3, she's so gorgeous and that green is a lovely shade on her!
It's AWESOME. I really haven't enjoyed a movie like that in some time. Plus I shipped Ellen Page with, like, EVERYONE.
Hurray! *flails giddily* I was content enough just to bask in her awesomeness, but to have SHIP added to the equation? I AM SO SPOILED, THANK YOU, MOVIE GODS.

And she doesn't die, right? PM me or something if she does? I would just be so shattered if I saw this movie, all optimistic and giddy, and then character death just ruins everything.

Also, also, I love your header! Those graceful lines of her neck and jaw...so pretty! And her hand and slender wrist...*haz wrist!kink* ♥

I wish I could get my hair to do that... *sighs* I haven't had a hair-cut in years because I want to be able do do cool hairstyles but do I ever get around to it? >_
Ooohhh, snagged number two. I love them!
Awesome new header & layout.
Awesome icons! Love the new header/layout! :)

I still need to find time to see this movie, maybe next weekend. I know that people are totally in love with it.
The movie is AWESOME.
Awwww, they're so cute together!
I snagged some and will credit if used.
Thankies for sharing! :)
The picture is rather adorable, isn't it? Thanks!
took 002, will def credit.
these icons are absolutely gorgeous and i love how wide and honest jgl's smile is here. will probably snag #2 in time, but, out of curiosity, where did you find these pictures? i've been searching everywhere for them. *__*
I got the gorgeous pictures from here. ;)
omg so cute i cannot stop staring. i love them. and i love you! thank you!
Took all of them :D Will credit when used. Thanks!